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A New Da Vinci Classics Release

"Parfums Nocturnes".jpg

Parfums Nocturnes (Une histoire de rêve pour guitare)

"Parfums Nocturnes".jpg

“Parfums Nocturnes”, conceived out of dreamlike textures, form a cycle of compositions for solo guitar, both informal and intimate, soberly sculpted in time.
The different pieces, like scents that evaporate into top, heart or bottom notes, come together in a vast Fragrance of sound, in a constant dialogue between composer, improviser and performer, seeking in turn unity amidst long echoes turning in the evening air.

But we also find the same ternary structure of the perfume in the diversity of the echo of the winds that cross the cycle of “Parfums Nocturnes”. The burning breath of the sirocco brings the Andalusian rhythm, it is indisputably the heart note of our fragrance. The top note undoubtedly lies in Western polyphony. The blue note being perhaps here this bottom note…

Here, every Nocturne is a dream, with its own confused logic, where melodies and rhythms, harmonies and timbres find a right balance, the expression of their stability linking us to each other.


Selected excerpts from the album notes. Release on March 12, 2021 by DaVinci Classics.


"Calme, quiétude et respiration caractérisent la musique de Michel Zebracki [...]"

Nicolas Lestoquoy, Guitare Classique Magazine

Des Ayres world-jazz trio

"Les ternaires retours" - Des Ayres

Founded in September 2009, with Clémence Grégoire on traverso, Michel Zebracki on guitar and compositions and Xavier Epiard on zarb, the group already has to its credit a five-track Ep "Mirage" and the album "Des Ayres" released in September 2014, as well as numerous concerts in Parisian clubs and theaters, such as the Vieille Grille, the Cave du 38 Riv', the Péniche Anako, the Sunside, the Baiser Salé and the festival Musique en Breysse (Auvergne). Finalist of several jazz competitions, especially in Tours, the trio was awarded in June 2013 the Grand Prix du Public at the "Jazz Combos" competition in Lille. The original repertoire, composed for the trio, and which could be described as World-Jazz, with its style of intense sobriety, is the result of a deep imagination of a sound "avant-Babel"...


Son Tonehouse Studios  -   Crédit photos Marion Barat  -   Art Graphique Alban Valette

Duo Rosaces "Subtiles Renaissances"

Far from any historical reconstruction, the ensemble Rosaces with Alice Khayati (voice), Gayané Doneyan (flutes) and Michel Zebracki (guitars & arrangements), tries to appropriate the swan song of an era, creating connections with the modern music through its rhythmic wealth, great polyphonic freedom, its latitude for improvisation.
And even if it is a real squaring the circle, the musicians trie, through this imaginary and flamboyant journey to cross ages, to experiment with time, in other words, how to make this timeless modernity resonate nowadays.
Since its creation in 2015, the group performed in Burgundy, Nantes, Auvergne, Brittany and Paris area. In November 2016, when their first Album as a Duo was released, Rosaces played at the Péniche Anako (Paris), and took part of the competition for young talents as part of the "Chambre avec vue" Festival (Rabastens).
Following the "Musique en Breysse" residency, the group is extended with the arrival of Alice Khayati, becoming a shape-shifting ensemble, and in September 2018 recorded in trio in Morsasco (Italy) for Omk-Da Vinci the "Subtiles Renaissances" programm after Matteo da Perugia (active between 1380 and 1418), a musical creation with "great contamination between early music and jazz".


For more information & order, follow the link : Da Vinci Editions

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